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(DreamNews) 2023年12月25日(月)16時00分配信 DreamNews


On December 25, 2023, YOSHIN-KAN (Karate-do, Kickboxing, Aikijujutsu) will offer adult lessons! "Tama Kickboxing lessons" x "Mentoring for career change, entrepreneurship, and future planning" service will be launched.


When you were a child, you thought, "I want to try Martal art! That's so cool!" If so, and you have always wanted to learn Japanese tradditinal Martial arts (e.g., Karate-do) or combat Martial-arts sports (e.g., kickboxing, boxing, Muay Thai), then join us for adult lessons "Tama Kickboxing Club". It is never too late to start martial arts when you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s.


The concept of adult lessons is "mind x body x technique (not only the martial arts aspect, but also the strength to fight in society!)

・ We provide "Kick Boxing", "Boxing", and "Muay Thai" lessons as a place to maintain and enhance "body" and "mind".
・ Mentoring service for career change, starting a business, and future planning" is offered as an optional service for a fee.

・ 社会的な活動においても、身体と心を健やかに保ち、高める場を提供いたします。

Providing a place to maintain and enhance "body" and "mind"
・ We provide a place to maintain and enhance the health of the body and mind in social activities.


"Positive! Distraction Effects"
Tama Kickboxing has a direct effect on feelings and emotions. One such effect is the "distraction effect.
By continuing to take "Tama Kickboxing" lessons, you will be able to avoid feeling down about your daily stress. By continuing lessons and having a goal such as competing in a match, it has the effect of removing the feeling of depression and anxiety. You can forget about any kind of anxiety or stress by focusing on exercise for that time.


”Effects on Self-Confidence”
Tama Kickboxing Club also has a "confidence-building" effect. This is because you can get a pleasant feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment by doing "Tama's Kickboxing". By continuing with lessons, your "punching has improved," "kicking has improved," and "when sparring, you can see that you are getting stronger," among other effects. This will give you confidence and you will naturally feel more cheerful.


”The body warms up.”
When the human body warms up, muscle tension is released and the parasympathetic nervous system, which works during relaxation, is stimulated.
This effect is similar to that of taking a bath, and warming the body improves mood and reduces stress.


”Sleep better”
Exercise helps balance brain and body fatigue and can also improve sleep disturbances. Sleep is an important habit to reset the stress of the day. When blood circulation is poor due to lack of exercise, lactic acid, a fatiguing substance, tends to accumulate in the blood. Lactic acid excites the nerves and can interfere with sleep.


''We live in an era where practical experience is more important than ever. What should I prepare?

Influenced by the "lifetime employment" and "seniority" systems of the high economic growth and bubble era, many office workers have a variety of qualifications. However, just because you have a difficult qualification does not guarantee you what you want to do or a stable life in the future. In fact, practical experience is more important. To achieve this, it is necessary to improve your humanity in order to seize opportunities for practical experience, to have the physical strength to withstand practical work, and to cultivate a stable and proactive mind.


“Mentoring for career change, starting a business, and planning for the future” service (paid option)
We provide "Mentoring for career change, starting a business, and planning for the future" service by our representative, Shoichi Kudo. Shoichi Kudo has many achievements in the world's top companies, and after serving as the head office director of an overseas listed company and the representative director of the Japanese subsidiary, he started his own company. He is growing as a cutting-edge technology trading company and ODM company related to semiconductors. In addition, since his days as an office worker, he has continued to teach martial arts and martial arts outside of work, and has led a well-balanced life while training his body and mind and engaging in social activities. Based on this experience, we provide services for ''career change, starting a business, planning for the future , and mentoring''.




◆Yoshinkan (Karate, Kickboxing, Aiki Jujutsu)
Yoshinkan became independent in 2000 from the new karate class kickboxing team and Tama branch of Shotokan-style combat karate "Nozaki Kaikan". Currently, we have established our headquarters dojo in Hijirigaoka, Tama City, Tokyo, and have opened dojos in Seiseki Sakuragaoka, Nagayama, Kaitori, Karakida, etc.

Based on karate striking techniques, he has established a unique fighting technique that combines ''traditional martial arts'' and ''modern martial arts'' by incorporating taijutsu techniques from ancient martial arts and aiki jujutsu. "Yoshinkan New Martial Arts" aims to specialize in the strongest striking techniques, incorporating martial arts such as Japanese Kempo, boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai, based on karate techniques, and innovating every day.

We aim to provide a place where anyone can have fun while developing exercise habits, relieving stress, dieting, and learning self-defense techniques, and if the desire arises, a place to challenge yourself as an athlete.


TEL 042-371-1171